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With impetuous recoil and jarring sound

Th’ infernal doors, and on their hinges grate
Harsh thunder, that the lowest bottom shook
Of Erebus. She opened, but to shut
Excelled her power; the gates wide open stood ~paradise Lost

So the sundering begins and Yaxkin, an ancient ally to Asmodeus in a war long forgotten by mortals returns. With him comes his traitor legion of divine entities, who have long been trapped in stasis within fifteen foot brass cubes inscribed with curses and wards indecipherable by even the greatest of Golarion’s sages.Someone has removed the seals from one of these blasphemous tombs,and doubtlessly plan’s to release the other 5 legions..Now free the legions will scour the land seeking out those guilty even the simplest of crimes or sin and answer it with brutal “divine” judgment.If all the legions are released the onslaught will ravage the face of Golarion for ages to come.

Who will stop the coming of a<dramatic> NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

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