assassin/merc. NE.


Knifemaster 5/Fighter 2


Str 12
Dex 22
Con 15
Int 18
wis 14
Cha 14

AC 23, FF 16, touch 18
58 hp (53 + 5hp favored class rogue)
+6 fort, +10 reflex, +4 will

Class: Sneak attack 3d6, evasion, uncanny dodge, hidden blade (+1/2 lvl to Sleight of hand), sneak stab (d8 SA die w/ knives, d4 other), blade sense +1, Bravery

Feats: Quick draw, weapon finesse, two-weapon fighting, step up, following step, (level 7 feat here)

Tricks: fast stealth, underhanded

Traits: color thief, poison spit [magical talent (acid splash)]


Zeef doesn’t know how the hell he wound up living in a human city instead of with his goblin kin, but as long as he can remember, he was living off of them, sneaking and stealing to survive. Eventually a half-orc member named Ausk Izkrael [even now Zeef uses this last name as his own in times that he needs to] of a local thieves’ guild (The Ruby Gnawers) noticed him bounding around rooves, and thought the size advantage could be a useful asset. Ausk taught Zeef the art of what he was already living. After awhile Zeef grew bored of the city in Andoran, having nearly been in every nook and cranny his guildmates couldn’t reach. He left without a word in the dead of night.
He doesn’t quite know how the guild reacted to him leaving. They could be sore about it, but he assumes they think he’s dead. After a bit of wandering and freelance assassinations from time to time, he came to meet the mercenary band he now calls home.

He tends to be very calculating and cautious, maybe his natural goblin cowardice combined with his intellect far beyond the norm of his kin. If the job can be done by him sneaking in the dark, making a murder, and getting the hell out, his prefkerence is to go that route. In other situations, he tends to be the scout of the group, leading a ways up in stealth. He’s taught the druid thievescant so they can communicate during recon, where the druid can turn into rats and the like providing backup in the event of being discovered and also creating distractions to guards that heard a light goblin foot hit the ground. He finds the wizard to be a great boon, while many distrust the arcane, he knows that a simple spell can do great and terrible things. The samurai, his melee partner, provides the ultimate in distractions. Zeef takes advantage of the samurai’s challenges, setting up his attacks to deal crippling damage while the enemie’s focus is away from him. As of yet, the company has kept him entertained and his belly full, so he has no plans to leave. He considers his allies to be the closest he’s had to a ‘friend’ since he was first picked up by the Ausk Izkrael for the Ruby Gnawers. That is, as much of a friend as a someone whose both profession and race are hated by just about everyone can have. He also worships Norgorber, though he isn’t hugely devout. He just pays homage to the god most deserving of credit for keeping him alive this long.

Physically, he stands short, even for a goblin. What he lacks in raw strength, he more than makes up for with agility and tactics. His eyes are the general red of his race, as is his devious smile. This devious smile, however, can get him into a little or a lot of trouble, depending on the region, so…
He is usually wearing very bagging robes, a large scarf, and a wizard’s hat in order to hide his race from casual onlookers during travels. When on a job, Zeef doesn’t use his disguise.


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