Gobbo the Gun


Gunslinger /7


AC 24/ FF 18/ Touch 19
HP 60 (53 + 7 favored class)
+6 FORT/ +11 REF/ +5 WIL

Point blank shot,Precise shot,Extra grit,Rapid reload,Dodge
Killer,Ankle biter.


Gobbo the Gun was taken aboard a pirate ship at an early age. He was trained in the “craft” of piracy from captain Big beard Greenskin a half orc brute. It didnt take long for Gobbo to become sick of the ocean and the grumpy greenskin crew. They didnt even kill all of the captives! Gobbo decided the greenskins had grown soft and it was his time to do some exploring.That night Gobbo confronted the captain and told him the news “The next port we hit im offa this boat big beard!”
“And who said ya could leave midget!?” screamed the angered captain. “why mordekai of course capp’n”
The captain gave a quizzical look to the goblin. Gobbo gave his most evil grin as he whipped his trusty musket out and turned the orcs head into a conoe. Before the captains brains hit the deck Gobbo knew murdering the captain was a terrible idea ,but he didnt care. He hid below deck from all the morons till they hit shore then he was a free goblin! Needless to say it didn’t take long for the little bastard to get into more trouble. A dead kid here, a dog eaten there. Hell once he even killed a sheriff cause he wanted the little gold star he had.All these crimes Gained him the "WANTED " status in many regions. Once again Gobbo didn’t care one bit. One night while taking a leak in the woods he was captured by a party of dwarves and taken onto a “prisoner barge” along with a bunch of statues.Turns out the statues were living people and after a daring break out he found himself in company of 3 humans who were almost as “off” as he was. One was a wiley bastard who never seemed to do much, his creepy quiet female assistant, and a rather large human who liked killing about as much as any crazed gun wielding goblin. Gobbo almost missed the hulk, almost, but decided he was better off robbing them blind and making his get-a-way.With his trusty musket Mordekai, his dwarven thumb cigar to nibble on, and and not forget all the awesome red sashes he stole from the corpses of some petty gang, Gobbo stowed away on a ship heading back south from the northern lands and headed for the desert. His latest stop was the mountain of the five kings or some such nonsense like that. All he knows is that Theres been a rumor of another ruthless goblin in the area with a band of misfits. Gobbo still wasnt sure whether he planned to murder them or befriend them…. guess he’ll have to get a look at them first and decide. But first things first, these mountains are supposed to be teeming with dwarves and he wouldn’t mind other flavor fingers to gnaw on every once in a while…..Time for a hunt!

Gobbo the Gun

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