Ausk Izkrail

Captain Recruiter of the Ruby Gnawers


Rogue 5.Fighter 4 (Thug rogue for Brutal Beating, bandit for Ambush)(Two Handed Fighter for Overhand Chop)


8BAB, base saves 5 5 2
(5 + 3 fighter bonus feats)
Power Attack
Keen Scent (Gain scent special ability)
Combat Expertise
Imp. Dirty Trick
Greater Dirty Trick (1d4
1 round dirty trick)
Weapon Focus (falchion)
Imp. Crit (falchion)
Weapon Spec. (Guess :P)

Rogue tricks: fast stealth, powerful sneak(1s on sneak attack die = 2s)

darkvision 60’
+2 intimidate
Orc Ferocity(baby diehard)
3d6 Sneak attack
Brutal Beating(thug)Forego 1d6 Sneak attack dmg to apply sickened
Ambush(Bandit)- During a surprise round, get a move, standard, AND swift action as opposed to move OR standard.
Shattering Strike(TwoHanded)- +1 on sunder/dmg to objects (or keep Bravery, + to will save)
Overhand Chop(TwoHanded)- x2 Str mod to dmg on a charge attack or standard attack action.

Falchion with imp crit = 2d4 dmg 15!-20/x2

full attack with sneak attack ends up doing 4d4+6d6+7 with a 13/8 to attack pre-gear
crits on a 15!, has multiple options to sicken, if he has to move he has good charges from Overhand Chop. Falchion gets buffed to compensate for dmg when sneak attack isn’t available as well. On an overhand chop attack action he gets 2d4+3d6+9 on a sneak attack
throw on an energy burst and he’s crushing dreams.

Stats/skill ranks still need to be applied. think of this as an alpha build haha


Ausk Izkrail is Zeef’s old mentor, and a high-ranked Captain in the Ruby Gnawers.

Ausk Izkrail

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