Revelation machine

Enter Gobbo

While venturing through the Five Kings mountains, Zeef was scouting ahead of the group and saw a group of derro after a lone goblin. He didn’t appear to be feral as most goblins are, so in a moment of ‘kindness’, Zeef decided to warn him by taking out one of the derro. They were covered in a tar-like substance, as were their blades. When they struck, this tar was freezing to the touch. After a moment of combat, the goblin gunslinger Gobbo introduced himself to us. After the meeting we learned that he was just as crazy as most of his kin, but we learned also that Gobbo had been mistaken for Zeef by Mizrain before meeting with us. Of course, this meant Mizrain was in the Five Kings Mountains, and he could be very close. While playing pointman, Zeef’s mentor (a high ranked member of the Ruby Gnawers named Ausk Izkrael) approached him and told him why he was being followed. After his departure, a heist was made on the Ruby Gnawers themselves, (by Ausk) and Zeef being gone had all fingers pointed at him. He also told him that if he could manage to take Canyonwalker out in the field, Ausk could easily turn it around on Mizrain. The derro’s leader and his small army was approaching as well, with wings of darkness and blackened amorphous armor. Ausk told Zeef to get out of there and that he would take them off the trail. With a flash of a falchion and a few quips, the leader’s attention was on Ausk, allowing for a clean getaway. Zeef isn’t sure whether his teacher was powerful enough to take them all on, or whether he survived the encounter.. but it allowed escape for the time being. Shortly thereafter, we were attacked by a landshark-like creature called a bullete. At the beginning, it’s armor proved very hard to penetrate but after some slashes from Jai’s katana, shots from Gobbo’s musket, and a spell to grant speed by Denar, Zeef jumped into it’s mouth and cut his way out, finding some treasure of less-fortunate adventurers and divvying it up. With another weapon on their side as well as another mouth to feed, the company carried on through the mountains.



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