Revelation machine

Blizzards, dwarves, and werewolves

-Hit with an intense blizzard towards the top of the mountain, we are slowed to a crawl and decide to find a place to wait it out. We find a nice cave with nothing a corpse of a Pathfinder, and Zeef found himself a pretty compass (wayfinder) while handing out the skeleton’s posessions.
-Camping out in the cave, we see a battallion of Yaxkin’s angels and apparent conscripts from Vigil in Lastwall. This shows the angel problem is doing nothing but getting worse. The blizzard seems to waver around them, and they aren’t hit by a single flake of snow. Gobbo’s insane streak kicked in as he whipped out his musket and we realized he had no idea who they were, so we explained our first encounter with one of Yaxkin’s angels. He quickly rethought his decision and we stayed in the cave for the night. Jai didn’t trust Gobbo’s volunteering for first watch, so Jai stayed up with Gobbo and Zeef followed up for the rest of the night. Nothing bad happened, our cave was a little ways up off of the pass so we had a great vantage point.
-Craving “dwarf thumbs”, Gobbo asked Zeef to help him kill a group of mining dwarves. Never one to turn down murder with a reward, Zeef helped him assassinate a group of four helpless dwarves. Zeef told him to use the wakizashi to keep the profile low. While Gobbo was cutting off the toes and fingers of the dwarves, Zeef took their mining sled and small bit of gold they had to share with the group.
-The sled provided a very fast route down the mountain, and some dwarves tried to chase us down for naught. We got to the bottom of the mountains in no time at all thanks to the sled, and were looking towards the legendary Darkmoon Vale. Upon our entry, we are approached by a scraggly man named Nimlick. He scratches his head as he speaks(aka clearly a werewolf of Darkmoon Vale) and asks Jai to meet with him in a clearing outside of Falcon’s Hollow for a business proposition. He asks Jai to come alone and says he will do the same.
-Never trusting, Jai tells Zeef to ghost him as Denar, Gobbo and Kurama hang back within calling distance. Zeef takes to the high trees as we wait. Upon Nimlick’s arrival, Jai asks him if he came alone and we find he did. He tells us that the townsfolk are on a campaign to hunt him and his kind into extinction, and asks us to assassinate some prominent members of said campaign as well as the town’s sheriff. The list of names he hands us simply says:
“Deldrin Baleson – sheriff, Pheron Whelm – druid, Lady Cithana – paladin, Echo – strange elf associate”
-We accept the job, 1000gp a head and a magical item for each of us, and head into town for some recon. Zeef’s first act is to buy some silver daggers. The party also does some shopping. Recon shows that Baleson is rarely at home, and Echo likes to hang out on the city’s rooves. (aka Zeef’s favorite way to travel in cities)
-Got a couple rooms at the local inn and went to sleep?



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